African Center for Research and Policy Studies (Afropolicy) is an independent institution specializing and conducting studies and research related to the political, strategic and social affairs in Africa. We aim to build bridges with officials and decision-makers to provide them with accurate, detailed and professional data and reports. 

Publication Standards

Publishing Guidelines at the African Center


 The African Center for Research and Policy Studies welcomes researchers to submit papers to be published, or to be presented at conferences adhering to the guidelines detailed below :

1. The original research must be specially prepared for the African Center, and should not have been published as a whole or in part, either electronically or in print.
2. Referencing: The research should comply with the adopted referencing system.
3. Attachments: If charts, shapes, equations, graphs, or tables have been used in the research, they should be sent in their original format in Excel or Word, and should be attached as clear and original images in a separate file as well.
4. Academic Review: All submitted materials are subject to peer review.
5. The suggested notes are subsequently sent to the author to edit. If the author approves, they make the proposed amendments before handing over the material for the final edit.
6. Word Count: The number of words is limited between 2,000 to 3000 words. In exceptional cases, the Research Department or editorial bodies may approve research and studies that exceed this number, or shorter articles.
7. Written Language: Research is published in Arabic but can be submitted in English and translated once approved.
8. The works should be sent to the centre’s mail: